Business Insider: The 8 Best Italian Restaurants in NYC

The 8 Best Italian Restaurants in New York City

With the fall coming, a nice hearty Italian meal can warm your soul.


Head down to the annual San Gennaro festival in New York's Little Italy for some street foods and zeppole.

Or step up your game and check out one of the eight best Italian restaurants in New York City, based on Zagat's 2011 restaurant survey (via Zagat's Buzz Blog).

Restaurants on the list are ranked based on a combination of food, decór, and service.

Italian ranked among the favorite cuisine of the surveyors, with 30 percent claiming it's at the top of their list.

Zagat ranks restaurants on a 30-point scale based on food, decór, and service. Ratings of 26 to 30 are considered "extraordinary to perfection," according to the company.

#1 Marea

240 Central Park S

Zagat Food Score: 27

The restaurant boasts an opulent setting and “transcendent” seafood-focused cuisine from chef-extraordinaire Michael White.

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